Robin Gibb

Titanic Concerts – Italy 2015

We are pleased to announce that The Titanic Requiem, composed by Robin Gibb and RJ Gibb, has inspired a series of classical concerts in Italy later this year. Three concerts are on sale already, with at least two more to follow soon. Additional concerts will be announced for 2016. The music will be accompanied by custom designed holograms projected behind the orchestra and choir.

The Titanic Concert tour will start in Taranot Paramazzola

RJ Gibb and Dwina Gibb recently visited Taranto in Italy, where the first concert will take place, to participate in the press announcement and launch event

While RJ and Dwina were in Taranto, RJ accepted an award on behalf of his father and himself celebrating the composition of The Titanic Requiem.

RJ Gibb - Taranto, Italy, August 2015