Robin Gibb

Robin Gibb Stamps

On April 24th, 2013, the Isle of Man Post Office commemorated Robin Gibb’s life by issuing a series of eight stamps, each featuring the cover of one of Robin’s solo albums.

Eight stamps featuring the cover artwork from Robin Gibb’s solo albums

The issue was notable as it was the first time that the cover of Robin’s final solo album was revealed. This was appropriate timing as the album is named after the first house that Robin Gibb lived as a young child on the Isle Of Man – 50 St. Catherine’s Drive.

Dwina and RJ Gibb visited the Isle on the day of the launch and participated in a series of events to celebrate the stamp issue, including the unveiling of a blue plaque (Robin Gibb Lived Here) at 50 St. Catherine’s Drive. During the ceremony, Dwina and RJ also unveiled a banner featuring the album art for the forthcoming Robin Gibb solo album, named after the address of the house.

The unveiling of the artwork for 50 St. Catherine's Drive
The unveling of the artwork for 50 St. Catherine’s Drive

Dwina and RJ donated their income from the stamp issue to Rebecca House, the children’s hospice on the Isle of Man, which they also visited during their day on the island. At Rebecca House, a large mural was installed, featuring elements from the stamp issue Presentation Pack.

Rebecca House Children's Hospice, Isle of Man
Rebecca House, Isle of Man

You can still order the Robin Gibb stamps from the Isle of Man Post Office.