Robin Gibb

Collected Works Yahoo! Music review

Dave DiMartino, Executive Editor at Yahoo! Music wrote the following review of Saved By the Bell: The Collected Works of Robin Gibb 1968-1970 —

It’s always an odd call when one is compelled to note that the week’s very best album without any qualification whatsoever is basically a reissue of stuff recorded over 40 years ago, but the very peculiar truth is that is indeed the case with this remarkable 3-CD collection of solo material recorded by late BeeGee Robin Gibb during that brief period when he’d left the band to strike on his own—however temporarily—and went wonderfully, profoundly, nuts in the very best sense. Consisting of his marvelous 1970 solo album Robin’s Reign—it was superb, it was the equal of any of the BeeGees’ sets up to Odessa, and not to be a name-dropping geek, but no less a cult figure than Alex Chilton told me it was one of his very favorite albums way back in 1974—the oft-bootlegged but never-released follow-up Sing Slowly Sisters, and various rarities, it is stunningly good, massively great, and a superb addition to the still under-appreciated Gibb legacy. Anyone who appreciated the stunning weirdness of songs about people trapped at sea “filing this berg to the shape of a ship”: Here’s lots more, and it all sounds better than ever.

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